Kogi/Bayelsa Gubernatorial Election Update

In Morning Crossfire 2019-11-15 14:57:14
Kogi/Bayelsa Gubernatorial Election Update
Kogi/Bayelsa Gubernatorial Election Update

By Jude Chukwuemeka


Morning Crossire today takes a look at incidents leading to the elections to be held in Kogi and Bayelsa states tomorrow Saturday the 16th of November.


Do you have plans to travel to Abuja or any other part of Nigeria through Kogi? Then our correspondent, Philip Nwelih gives us a timely information. Find the coverage here https://youtu.be/ztWWe-o0xl0


Furthermore, police personnel deployed have been charged to be civil, firm and rule of law guided, says Police Dep. IG, Operations Abdulmajid Ali . He speaks ahead of Kogi and Bayelsa elections and warns the police will deal with anyone who threatens the success of the elections.


Here in the Nigeria Info FM 99.3 studio in the heart of Lagos, Rotimi Sankore refers to one of the most disturbing situations that shows the elections in Kogi and Bayelsa may not be peaceful. He believes that the situation in Kogi is the ‘Most Bizarre’ when you talk about elections in Nigeria. Can you imagine? Violence broke out at the peace parley.


“Even before it was signed, one candidate was beaten up as she turning up to join the signing. Yet, at that gathering, there was INEC leadership and armed security personnel were seen standing all around. But she was beaten up as she arrived. Nobody was apprehended and charged. How else can we encourage impunity than that?


“We keep complaining that Nigeria has the lowest rate of women participating in parliament in Africa. we want more women in politics. The court reinstated Natasha Akpoti, yet she is attacked right there and nobody is arrested.”


Nigeria deployed about 66 thousand policemen in Kogi and Bayelsa alone.


Senator Florence Ita-Giwa joins the conversation too, and she says that the situation is unfortunate. However, the woman who wants to be in politics must have conquered fear because these are some of the intimidations being used to drive women away from politics.


“There should be a level playing ground between men and women in politics but the whole thing is becoming war. Think about the number of policemen deployed. Another issue is the case in which the powers that be have already selected their favorite candidates.


“We were fortunate in 1999 but I had to go to war because I was not going to allow my people to be denied their mandate. I made up my mind that come whatever, I must succeed.”


What tactics did she use to succeed? And what is the situation is like as Nigerians look forward to the elections in Kogi and Bayelsa state tomorrow?


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