JUST IN: Supreme Court Dismisses Atiku and PDP's Petition

In News 2019-10-30 12:49:48
JUST IN: Supreme Court Dismisses Atiku and PDP's Petition
JUST IN: Supreme Court Dismisses Atiku and PDP's Petition

By Dipo Omoware and Olamide Fadoju


The Supreme Court has dismissed the petition of the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar.


The Supreme Court on Wednesday threw out the appeal challenging the decision of the presidential election tribunal that declared president Muhammadu Buhari winner of the last presidential election for lacking merit.


CJN Tanko in his judgment said the details for the dismissal of the petition will be explained at a later date. 


PDP counsels in their reaction to the judgment have said that while they await the details of the judgment steps must be taken to fix the country's electoral law.


Lead counsel, Livy Ozoukwu (SAN), in his reaction praised his team and his client and they will wait for the supreme court to give details of their judgment before they will act.


"We have done our best and our clients have done their best. The rest is for Nigerians. unless something drastic is done to electoral jurisprudence in this country there will be a problem.


"It is now becoming obvious that petitioners will always find it very difficult to prosecute their cases." 


PDP counsel, Mike Ozekhome bemoaned the bottleneck of the electoral petition and said much can't be said until more information is available


" As far as we are concerned we have done the best we could under the strangulating regime of electoral jurisprudence which not only places an undue burden on the petitioner but also timelines the period within which such burden must be discharged With the supreme court saying the timeline provided from the constitution is like a rock of Gibraltar that cannot be moved.


"So you are been beaten and you are not allowed to cry, something drastically has to be done about electoral laws and electoral jurisprudence and make people believe that when people vote, their votes will not only be counted but that such votes must also count."


Meanwhile, INEC counsel, Yunus Usman said that the PDP’s claim that INEC had a server was unsubstantiated and their grounds for appeal lacked merit because the electoral law doesn’t recognize a server.


"Even if there was a server  INEC has no right except there is an amendment to the electoral act to transmit result electronically that is the law as of today. So when people decide to amend it then we create a new law."