ICYMI: I’m a Proud Sell Out – iLLBLISS

In Entertainment 2020-03-16 13:08:08
ICYMI: I’m a Proud Sell Out – iLLBLISS
ICYMI: I’m a Proud Sell Out – iLLBLISS

By Dipo Omoware


Hardcore rap fans might not want to hear this but one of your favourite emcee is a proud ‘sell out’.


Arguably one of the most commercially appealing rappers of his generation, iLLBLISS says the formula to cleaning out is making music “with the mass appeal state of mind.”


“I’ve always believed in balance, balancing out the music. You (can) have the art but you must find the commerce inside the art. If not, you will die broke. This is official. I’m saying it on Nigeria Info 99.3 Lagos. You will officially die broke in this country, if you do not make music with the mass appeal state of mind.”


He ‘accused’ a number of Nigerian rappers of selling out and argues “we all make music that is balanced.”


“Falz sold out, MI sold out, Naeto C sold out and Illbliss sold out and Phyno sold out and Olamide sold out, we can feed out families and so we’re proud to sell out.”


“You can never knock the lyrical content of these artistes that I have just mentioned their names and also feel free to add Vector and Ice Prince,” he added.


On the no holds barred interview, he told Nigeria Info "no one can come to me and tell me to my face that I don't represent Nigerian Hip Hop to the fullest because I've made all kinds of records."


“You can be lyrical, you can be respected for all the lyricism but you need records that people can accept now whether is up tempo, lamba for the clubs or whether it’s conscious introspective that’s up to you as long as this our big audience will embrace it and buy it.”


Watch the full interview here