I Stand For Decency – TG Omori

In Entertainment 2019-08-06 16:56:51
I Stand For Decency – TG Omori
I Stand For Decency – TG Omori

By Dipo Omoware


Music video director TG Omori says he stands for “decency” and would not “deliberately take naked women to the street”  in the wake of the viral video showing skimpily dressed dancers stuck in traffic on the Lekki-Epe expressway.


Omori made this known on Nigeria Info’s Lunch Time Magazine as he cleared the air on the video that got Nigerians talking this past weekend.


“It wasn’t a publicity stunt, we don’t want that kind of publicity,” said the 24-year-old director who is in hot demand for the stunning visuals and interpretation he brings to music videos.


“The masses are making it feel like this is a nude advertisement, making it feel like a deliberate move, I stand for decency; I don’t want to deliberately take naked women to the street.”


TG Omori explained they were shooting a music video for popular musician Tekno and were changing locations from Lekki to VI when they got stuck in traffic around 12 am.


“We (had) shot in Lekki in a closed location with the girls in the truck. We were supposed to do another one in VI (Victoria Island), we had to chill till late night before movement but unfortunately, cos we had a lot of people come around, some of our vans had issues, so we had to transport Tekno and the girls on the truck.”


“The girls were just happy, jumping on the road. It was later we figured out this is Friday night, people are still out, that was around 12 midnight or like 1 am, we thought it was okay.”


Music star Tekno had earlier apologised on his Instagram page. A statement posted online by the singer/ music producer said:


“We sincerely apologize if some people saw this or felt offended by the scenery they saw. It was never intent.”


He went on to explain: “There was no reason for us to be dancing in a truck around Lekki. There was no music, no ventilation in the truck. We were shooting a music video, and we had a shortage of vehicles to convey people to the next location, because some of the cars broke down during the shoot, which we divided ourselves into various vehicle because we had been shooting all day and having fun which we moved to the next location.”


“This was no form of advert for a strip club or dancing naked on the streets for any type of reason. In addition, we respect the decency in Lagos and as much as we are entertainers we are always mindful of what we have and don’t jeopardize it. That’s why we enjoy shooting our videos in Lagos. As we all know, it’s a Centre of Excellence and also the Centre of Entertainment,” he added.