I am not Funny - Taaooma

In Entertainment 2020-02-18 14:21:06
I am not Funny - Taaooma
I am not Funny - Taaooma

By Dipo Omoware


Gather round lovers of Taaooma in all your shapes, colours and sizes. Our dear Monkele doesn’t think she is funny.


Instagram comedienne Apaokagi Maryam aka Tao popularly known for her skits and short online videos said she felt like giving up at some point.


In a Channels TV interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the social media influencer confessed, “as a matter of fact I thought I was doing nonsense.” She only kept at it because her boyfriend encouraged her to.


“He was always the one telling me ‘just keep doing it’ cos I don’t find it funny when I do these things.”


She also said she does not like watching herself and after uploading her videos, she withdraws from it.


“Although I know the stories are related to African parents and everyone can relate to it, I just do the skits and I don’t like watching myself. I feel somehow when I watch myself.”


The Tourism and Hospitality graduate of Kwara State University says she shoots as much as five skits a day.


When asked if she planned to work with fellow online comedienne Maraji, Tao said she would love to work but that opportunity has come yet.


“I chatted with her once, she didn’t really give me that opportunity or open hands to get closer to her but I would really love to.”