How We Can Tackle Police Harassment - Police Spokesman

In News 2019-11-25 15:07:43
How We Can Tackle Police Harassment - Police Spokesman
How We Can Tackle Police Harassment - Police Spokesman

By Olamide Fadoju

Police Public Relations Officer, DCP Frank Mbah has proffered training and retraining as the solution to endless police harassments currently plaguing the country.

DCP Mbah in an exclusive interview with Nigeria Info said the Nigerian Police force has recognized the importance of training and have put measures in place to expand the context of training in the force.

“What we can continue to do is training and retraining. Part of the take-home from our retreat is the need to expand the content and context of our teaching in police training schools.

“Those expansions are necessary because of the very dynamic nature of the society. Even crimes themselves, there are a lot of crimes that were not happening ten years ago. But they are today the biggest challenges we have got in this country. So it is important you continue to train and retrain your workforce.”

The police spokesperson also acknowledged that a person’s individual relations skill plays a part in how duties are carried out but restates that only training can correct that.

“There are some trainings you can easily access. I can conduct a test on law, psychology, and emotional intelligence. I will also take you through drills. I can also take you to the shooting range and test your proficiency in firearms. But there is one thing you will not be able to satisfy person individual relations skill.

“That is why in every police department in the world you have what they call, on the job training. 


“That’s why when you even graduate from the Police Academy, you go through a probational period, where someone is expected to take you through all these things but like I said you still have your individual DNA.


“I can bet you, if you interact with a lot of police officers, you will see fantastic police officers but you will also see some, even those of us who are in the force, we see some police officers and we squeal”