Hong Kong Protests: Government To Ban Face Masks

In News 2019-10-03 11:06:08
Hong Kong Protests: Government To Ban Face Masks
Hong Kong Protests: Government To Ban Face Masks

Report says the Hong Kong government will implement a law that bans wearing face masks at public gatherings.


The BBC says the ban on wearing face masks is expected to be announced on Friday after a meeting of the Executive Council in which emergency laws are likely to be enacted.


The emergency legislation called the Emergency Regulations Ordinance which is to be implemented was last used in 1967 to help stop violent riots in the territory's trading hub.


The law could also give the government greater authority to arrest, censor publications and search premises.


Face masks are often worn by protesters to help prevent them from being identified and arrested by authorities.


Hong Kong, a Chinese province has been rocked by protests since June, sparked by proposals to extradite suspected criminals to mainland China. (BBC)


Critics expressed worry that if implemented the law would undermine Hong Kong's independence and put political critics in danger.


The laws would empower Hong Kong's leader, Carrie Lam, to "make any regulations whatsoever which he [or she] may consider desirable in the public interest" in case of "emergency or public danger".