France, Nigeria to Partner in Film Production

In News 2019-12-13 08:23:47
France, Nigeria to Partner in Film Production
France, Nigeria to Partner in Film Production

By Olamide Fadoju


The French Government says it will collaborate with Nigeria in the area of film production and film literacy.


France Minister of State,National Education Youth, Gabriel Attal said this in an interview with Sheriff Quadri on Nigeria Info FM programme, Morning Crossfire.


According to Attal, France are very impressed with the Nigeria film culture and will be looking to learn by forming a partnership.


“A few months ago, the French Embassy held an important meeting between professionals of Cinema from France and from Nigeria and in a few weeks and a few months,we will sign commitments between the Nigeria Institute for Cinema and the French Centre for Cinema to strengthen.


“This collaboration regarding film literacy, film production and I think also France has a lot of learn from Nigeria.When you have a country that is dynamic with 2500 films produced per year. I think it has to show something.”