Failure To Honour Adadevoh, A Disservice- Ibeneme

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Failure To Honour Adadevoh, A Disservice- Ibeneme
Failure To Honour Adadevoh, A Disservice- Ibeneme

By Samuel Victor Akpan


The failure of the Nigerian government to honour Dr Ameyo Adadevoh- the medical doctor credited with having curbed the wider spread of the Ebola virus in Nigeria in 2014- is a “disservice to every hero that the country has ever had”.


This is according to Senior Medical Officer Nnamdi Azikwe Teaching Hospital, Dr Ibeneme McGinger who says Nigeria and the continent of Africa should be indebted to Dr Adadevoh.


Speaking with Nigeria Info FM OAPs Sandra Ezekwesili (@sEzekwesili) and Aghogho Oboh (@aghoghooboh) on the programme Hard Facts, Ibeneme said Adadevoh deserves to be “memorialised.”


“I feel that the disservice, the failure to honour Adadevoh is a disservice to every hero that this country ever had”, lamented Ibeneme.


“The Nigerian government, Africa in the world owe her, they owe her. At least to memorialise her. There are established institutions in this country who are named after politicians that even looted the economy, why can’t this woman be given a befeating honour in this country?”, Ibeneme questioned.


The Medical Chief praised heavily the work done by Adadevoh and her compatriot Justina Ejelonu- who also suffered death from the disease- in combating the deadly Ebola virus when it first entered the country in 2014. 


He also praised the efforts of the country’s health authorities in dealing with the situation despite the absence of doctors who were on strike at the time and furthermore maintained all seemed to be in place to tackle the virus should there be a recurrence.


“Well to be honest, I would be guessing, the Ebola may end up in a teaching hospital. I can tell you that most of the teaching hospitals have not really changed from what it used to be till now, but what I know that has changed is that NCDC is better prepared to contain epidemics”, assured Ibeneme.


Recounting the ordeal suffered by Adadevoh in her final days after being struck by the Ebola virus, Ibeneme said Adadevoh deserved much more for paying the “ultimate prize.”


He said, “I saw Adadevoh suffer Ebola, it was like nothing I had ever seen in my decade or more of medical practice. Adadevoh paid the most painful prize, she died the most painful death.”


“I saw her bleed, she was having multiple heart attacks, she was having multiple stroke, she was having multiple seizures, she had her kidney shut down”, Ibeneme explained.


“Adedivoh suffered the worst of Ebola, it was like Ebola was taking a revenge on her for stopping it from doing what it wanted to do to Nigeria”, he rasped.


Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh correctly diagnosed Liberian Patrick Sawyer as Nigeria’s first case of Ebola at First Consultant Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria in July 2014.


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