EXCLUSIVE: Nigeria, US Connived to Kill El-Zakzaky - IMN

In News 2019-08-16 07:37:11
EXCLUSIVE: Nigeria, US Connived to Kill El-Zakzaky - IMN
EXCLUSIVE: Nigeria, US Connived to Kill El-Zakzaky - IMN

By Ufuoma Egbamuno
The Islamic Movement in Nigeria has accused the Nigerian government and the United States of America of plotting to kill its leader Ibrahim El-Zakzaky in India. 
South West Coordinator of the group, Muftau Zakariyah confirmed this in an interview with correspondent Wemimo Adewuni. 
"We understand that the Nigerian Government in connivance with American Government are interested in giving him doctors that will kill him instead of doctors that will treat him," Zakariyah told our correspondent. 
El-Zakzaky and his wife have been in detention, first without trial for about a year. He was eventually charged for murder after clashes between his group and the Nigerian Army resulted in the death of a soldier in December 2015.
The Shittes leader was granted medical leave and allowed to travelled to India for treatment a few days ago following his deteriorating health conditions while in detention.
However, on Thursday, he surprisingly decided to return to Nigeria. 
"I have confirmed that Mallam has already left India," Zakariyah told correspondent Wemimo Adewuni. 
"He had not been allowed access to the doctors he had consulted to treat him. So he has no choice than to come back," he added. 
The IMN is now looking at legal action to get another treatment destination for its leader where it believes "American meddlesomeness and Nigerian government intentions cannot be carried out."
The IMN South West Cordinator said: "we are going to go to court to get to another country. We are looking at the opportunity of going to either Malaysia, Turkey or Indonesia."
"So we are hoping if Mallam is allowed into any of these countries, he will have situation that will not involve the middlesomeness of the Nigerian security operatives who are hell bent on killing him," Zakariyah added. 
Nigeria Info FM is reaching out to both the Nigerian and American government and will bring details later. 
A Nigerian commission in April 2016 found that over 300 people from the IMN group were killed in a three-day raid by the Nigerian military.
The Shiites leader's continued detention prompted massive protests in Nigeria's capital Abuja which led to the death of a policeman, TV reporter and the destruction of properties belonging to the Nigeria Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) last month.