EXCLUSIVE: Footballer to Lawyer: The Osaze Story

In Football 2019-10-24 17:35:00
EXCLUSIVE: Footballer to Lawyer: The Osaze Story
EXCLUSIVE: Footballer to Lawyer: The Osaze Story

Former Super Eagles attacker, Osaze Odemwingie has been busy since retiring from football. In this chat with Nigeria Info’s Chidiebere Anugolu, the former West Brom, Lille and Locomotiv Man speaks of his dream to become a lawyer.


NIGERIA INFO: Hi Osaze, it’s great having you today.

So news has been going round that you’re taking a new career path in Golf. So what’s the motivation in choosing a new career path in Golf?

OSAZE: Well firstly, the motivation is to be able to have a status of a professional sportsman and golf offers that as they are no age limitations. I can compete now and the seniors tour is when you turn 49 (years), you join the seniors tour. 

Obviously it’s my second sport, not my first so I didn’t give me my childhood and everything. So the motivation is to be a sportsman!


NIGERIA INFO: Well, the thing is, changing to a new sports definitely, comes with its unique challenges. What’s been the major challenge   for you since switching to a golfing career?

OSAZE: Well, the challenge is of course a deep change of routine, a lack of companionship because you were in a dressing room full of people, characters, they are lively, no dull moments there, you are very motivated but when you’re off that scene; you have to self-motivate kind of so…


NIGERIA INFO: Well Osaze you are a very self-motivated person, asides Golf, what other things have you been up to since your retirement from active football?

OSAZE: Well thankfully, I have set a goal for myself. One is to become a professional Golfer which I achieved and now I am pursuing a Law degree. So as I speak now I just finished most part of my essay on…complicated I I’d say, complex subject but yeah, I have the goal set before me and I always think about the reasons why I want to do this and that’s how it is. Those reasons make it worth the while.

So a Law degree in the next four, five years is my target and to improve as a golfer and be a qualified PGA teaching professional player. So I would play a bit and teach as well in the future, that’s it!


NIGERIA INFO: …That must be quite a transition, is it?

OSAZE: It’s not an easy transition I must tell you, I know a lot of players who are struggling mentally. I think the key is to get yourself busy, pick a project that you would like, that’s of interest of course, otherwise you would pull out or drop out. 

So not to lose motivation, you have to make a good decision and stick to it. But at the same time if you choose something wrong, you have choose a few fields and if you choose something wrong; that makes it clear that its something else you need, you can always switch and start learning something else.

Well e no easy! (He laughs), But anyway, there is no secret, you have to be proactive.