Ex-French President Dies at 86

In News 2019-09-26 13:28:47
Ex-French President Dies at 86
Ex-French President Dies at 86

Former French President Jacques Chirac,  who ruled the country from 1995 to 2007 has died aged 86.


President Jacques Chirac according to the AFP died surrounded by his family.


Chirac was the president and prime minister of France for two terms and was responsible for taking them into the single European currency.


Chirac was born in 1932 and was  France's second longest-serving post-war president. Chirac also served as the French prime minister.


The French National Assembly observed a minute's silence in his memory.


Also, Former French President François Hollande in a statement said  "I know that today, the French people, whatever their convictions, have just lost a friend," he said in a statement.


Nicolas Sarkozy who was France’s president from 2007-2012 succeeding Chirac, said he received the news with a sad heart and that a part of his life has “disappeared today".


He added that Chirac "embodied a France faithful to its universal values".


Incumbent President of France, Emmanuel Macron is expected to pay tribute to his late predecessor in a speech later on Thursday.