Declaration of Operation Amotekun Illegal by Federal Government

In Morning Crossfire 2020-01-15 13:04:32
Declaration of Operation Amotekun Illegal by Federal Government
Declaration of Operation Amotekun Illegal by Federal Government

By Jude Chukwuemeka




Achike Chude - Policy and Public Affairs Analyst


Captain Aliyu Blade - Intelligence Officer


Rotimi Sankore - Journalist, Policy and Development Expert


On Morning Crossfire Sheriff Quadry takes a look at three topics of interest: Armed Forces Remembrance Day, the declaration of Operation Amotekun as illegal by the Federal Government, and the sacking of Governor Emeka Ihedioha of Imo State.



Captain Blade speaks on Armed Forces Remembrance Day as a day set aside to honour and remember those who fell in line of duty. These were soldiers who in the course of carrying out their duties, were killed.


He said that for living, “there are veterans and those still in service. What this does is bring them together and strengthen the bond between them.”


The question that sheriff asks is has Nigeria done enough to really honour them?


Next in line is the discussion of the sacked governor in Imo State. Chidera Camille of Darling 107.3 FM says that 60 percent were not happy as they said they were ‘moody’, ‘gloomy’ ‘sad’ very sad’.


Forty percent were happy and there were fireworks in the air as the happy people celebrated the sack of the former governor.


Generally, in the state, the mood was gloomy and as at this morning, the atmosphere is calm. According to the correspondent, some major handles on social media shows APC members jubilation for the change in government. However, the PDP members are still shocked and are not making any statements.


After the commercial break, all in the studio discuss issues surrounding the declaration of Operation Amotekun.


Captain Blade said it is just a matter of ‘ego war’ and ‘insecurity complex’ on the part of the ‘centre’. He says the ego war comes out of what is called ethnicity issues. These things are carried over from the 30 years of military rule.


“The security situation of Nigeria is of great disturbance. The 15 days of 2020 were security bedlam on my database.” He believes that state governments can indeed step in and catch the criminals that federal ‘nets’ cannot catch.


Achike Chude speaks on the historical trajectories in Nigeria, saying that Nigerians would understand what is going on and would not be surprised at the statement that the federal government has published on the issue of Operation Amotekun.


He says that the Attorney General is not in a position to declare Operation Amotekun illegal. When things happen like it is now, it is only an opinion, not a declaration of law.  So, what the federal government should do is to go to court.


Speaking on the same issue, Rotimi Sankore says it is clear that the APC governors would have consulted presidency. However, five governors have claimed that they already informed the IGP on this issue.


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