COVID-19 : Nigeria's Fresh Patient in Stable Condition

In News 2020-03-10 14:35:48
COVID-19 : Nigeria's Fresh Patient in Stable Condition
COVID-19 : Nigeria's Fresh Patient in Stable Condition

By Olamide Fadoju


The fresh Coronavirus patient in Nigeria is currently being treated and is responding to treatment, authorities say.


Dr. Abimbola Bowale, Medical Director, Mainland Hospital, confirmed this in an exclusive interview

with Nigeria Info.


According to Dr Bowale, there are no concerns about the patient’s health status as he is doing quite well.


 “He is doing very well, he’s improving daily and he’s in very good health and we are hoping for the best for him but he’s actually doing very well.”


The Medical doctor further explained  the procedure for treatment saying the patient is treated according to symptoms


“Well, the treatment is basically what we call supportive treatment. Once they are admitted into the ward, we treat them base on any symptoms that they have. We call that supportive treatment. If they have a fever, we give them something to ease the fever.


“If they have body pains, we give them something to reduce body pain. If they have diarrhoea. So we treat them based on the symptoms because there is no specific medication or drug for COVID 19 as at today.


Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Enahire had on Monday in a press conference in Benin City, Edo State confirmed that Nigeria now has two confirmed Coronavirus cases.


According to him, 60 people still remain under isolation and are yet to show symptoms of the disease.


Additional Reports by Joy kalio