Couples Can Now Choose Baby Gender - Medical Practitioner

In News 2019-08-08 15:07:43
Couples Can Now Choose Baby Gender - Medical Practitioner
Couples Can Now Choose Baby Gender - Medical Practitioner

By Olamide Fadoju


A Medical Practitioner from the Medical Art Centre, Dr Ify Atuchucku  has affirmed that the sex of a baby can be pre-determined with the aid of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).


Dr. Atuchukwu said this while speaking as a guest on the Morning Crossfire on Nigerian Info 99.3 with Wemimo Adewuni and Sheriff Quadri.


She confirmed that through a method called “pre- implantation genetic testing” a couple can decide to have twins and even pick the sex/genotype of the child they want to have.


The medical practitioner further said that with the existence of ART, “people should not be having sickle cell children anymore.”


Dr Atuchukwu said with In vitro fertilization (IVF), which is one of the ART methods, it is possible for couples with genotype compatibility issues to know the genotype of the embryo and upon discovery they can tell if “the embryo is a sickle cell” and decide they “do not want the woman to have that kind of baby”.


While speaking on the success rate of the ART methods available to couples with fertility and genotype compatibility issues, she said “with all these new experiments, the success rate has gone up because now we are testing this embryo that we are transferring and we know the genetic makeup”. 


Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) are medical procedures used to assist people in achieving pregnancy.