#CopaFemme Makes Female Football More Attractive

In Football 2019-05-28 15:44:55
#CopaFemme Makes Female Football More Attractive
#CopaFemme Makes Female Football More Attractive

Is female football less attractive? Is there less demand for it? These were some of the thoughts on the minds of callers to the show Conversations on Gender Equality in Sports, achored by Oyinyechi Ekumankama.


The host on the program, Ore Solarin Organizer, CopaFemme responded to several questions regarding the relegating of female football to the background. This is a view which exists in the minds of males who already have a profound love for male sports.


There is also the idea that the male football is not the same with the female football, whereas the rules are the same. A highly held view says that men are very serious about the sports while ladies are not. Also, men are faster and more energetic when they play football. 


To take the matter further, the noise about women in football is a recent one. Likely, some feel that protagonists of female football need to keep working at promoting the game in order to bring it into better light among male football fans. 


Solarin intimates on CopaFemme and relishes the impact he hopes it will have on female football in Nigeria. It is a charity 5-A-Side Female Football Tournament that will take place in Lekki. There will be eight teams, with each having five players, and three subs.


Since this is a charity football tournament, the organizers are poised to donate the proceeds from that tournament to less privileged girls; many of them reside in IDP camps.


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