Climate Change : Activist Raises Concern, Backs Buhari’s Plan

In News 2019-09-25 12:14:22
Climate Change : Activist Raises Concern, Backs Buhari’s Plan
Climate Change : Activist Raises Concern, Backs Buhari’s Plan


By Olamide Fadoju


Concerned about the threats posed by adverse climate change on the environment, Renowned environmentalist and Chairman, Lagos Urban Furniture and Animal Care Initiative, Mr. Desmond Majekodunmi says Nigeria is currently doing little to fight adverse climate change.


He raised this concern on Wednesday while discussing ‘Climate Change & the Future of Nigeria’ on the Morning Crossfire on Nigeria Info 99.3 FM.


Mr. Majekodunmi while acknowledging the increase in awareness of Nigerians to the adverse climate change issue said the effort was not commensurate to the critical situation on the ground.


“Government in Nigeria do not really understand the enormity and gravity of the problem. There is not enough support, it is an emergency”


“You cannot just be having your house on fire  and then you are bringing a few buckets of water”


Climate change talks again came to the forefront at the United Nations Climate Action Summit which was held from 21- 23 September in New York.


UN Secretary-General António Guterres in his speech gave a dire warning about the “apocalyptic” impact of climate change.


President Muhammadu Buhari who also spoke at the summit revealed plans and initiatives put in place by his administration to reverse the negative effects of climate change in Nigeria.


While responding to the President’s promise, Mr. Majekodunmi said the statements were very encouraging and should be backed up with action.


"Those statements he made were very encouraging I was very happy to hear them. And if we can now follow up, the tree planting particularly is extremely important".


He called on Individuals and the government to step up and take measures including the planting of trees and phasing out generating sets


In his words “But we as individuals need to step up and the first thing we need to do Stop the poison we need to start processing the system properly so we will stop burning fossil fuels. Burning Fossil fuel emits deadly poison and we are doing it all over the country


“We have to steady electricity supply and that electricity needs to come from sustainable clean sources”