Build Capacity On Disabilities Right, CCD Tells NBA

In News 2019-08-29 16:31:38
Build Capacity On Disabilities Right, CCD Tells NBA
Build Capacity On Disabilities Right, CCD Tells NBA

The Centre for Citizens with Disabilities has called on members of the Nigerian Bar Association and other judicial officials in the country to build their capacity on disabilities rights.


David Anyeale, Executive Director of the organization made the call in an exclusive interview with Nigeria Info FM Lagos, shortly after speaking as a discussant at the 59th NBA Annual General Conference in Lagos.


He noted that it was imperative for legal practitioners to know what the rights of PWDs (People living with disabilities) entail so as to provide access to justice for them.


“That is to say are there factors that hinders the deaf? Are there factors that hinders the blind? Are there factors that hinders the physically-challenged? If there are, what can they do in order to remove it?”, he asked.


The CCD Chief who noted that disabilities rights are not taught at Law School described it as an emerging issue that lawyers need to build capacity on, in order to protect the PWDs.


He said: “The issue of this pro-bono, I emphasized on it. Disability causes poverty and poverty causes disability. Ability to pay for legal fees, taxi money or whatever is so weak, therefore the legal professional should at least demonstrate by taking responsibility in ensuring that they support these processes to help the vulnerable groups to access justice.”


Anyeale also called on the Judiciary to carry out an audit of its processes of militating, mitigating and facilitating access to justice for PWDs.


“It’s not a rocket science, it’s just about understanding the environment and being able to remove those things and ensure that access to justice is for all”, added Anyeale.