Buhari Signs Polytechnic, Security Bills into Law

In Politics 2019-06-19 13:57:38
Buhari Signs Polytechnic, Security Bills into Law
Buhari Signs Polytechnic, Security Bills into Law

President Muhammadu Buhari has signed the Polytechnic Amendments Bill and the National Institute for Security Bill. According to Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters (House of Representatives) Umar Yakubu, the new amendment will harmonise the tenure of Rectors of Federal Polytechnics, retirement age of staff of the Polytechnics, as well as establishment of the Governing Council for Polytechnics and its membership. He also said the councils will be made of a five-man panel and a chairman.


El-Yakubu said: “The Federal Polytechnics Amendment Bill sought to amend the Federal Polytechnics Act of 2004, whereby there were amendments to several sections of that Act.


“This includes the tenure of the Rectors, which has now been harmonised to five-year single tenure and whereby a Rector is currently serving the old four-year tenure, he/she will have an additional year to make it five.


“The amended Act now stipulates that the Polytechnics will now have Governing Councils of five members, reflecting the national character, comprising a lady, an alumnus of the each of the Polytechnics and a person form the area where the Polytechnic is based.”


Also, the National Institute for Security Studies ACT now paves the way for the establishment of the institute with a view to ensuring that middle and senior managers in the security environment have their competences improved.


According to him, the Bill will look at the inter-agency relationship with a view to harmonising it so that there will be efficient communication among them locally and globally.