Buhari Explains Closure of Petrol Stations Near Borders

In News 2019-12-03 10:07:38
Buhari Explains Closure of Petrol Stations Near Borders
Buhari Explains Closure of Petrol Stations Near Borders

By Olamide Fadoju


President Muhammadu Buhari has given the reason for the closure of all petrol stations, located close to the country’s land borders.


Bashir Ahmed, Personal Assistant to the  President on New Media, tweeted that the President speaking after the ground-breaking of the University of Transportation yesterday in Daura, said the decision was temporary and was taken to address the smuggling activities going on in that part of the country.


“President Buhari yesterday in Daura acknowledged the hardship of border communities following the ban on sale of fuel at stations 20 kilometres to the border, a restriction that also saw to the closure of all fuel stations in his hometown, Daura.”


“the restriction was a temporary measure as the Nigerian Customs Service needed to ascertain outlets involved in real sale of products and those being used for smuggling,” the tweets read.


Nigeria’s land borders with countries including Benin and Niger have been partially closed since Aug. 20 in a move meant to curb the smuggling of large quantities of rice and other commodities. 



Meanwhile, President Buhari says the borders will remain closed until the reason for the closure is addressed.


This was revealed in tweets released on Monday via the President’s official twitter handle @NGRPresident.


 “President Buhari says he has not given any date for the reopening of Nigeria’s land borders. Status quo remains until the situation that necessitated the closure improves.”


“The President has also commended the actions taken by the President of Niger Republic, Muhammadu Youssoufou, including the dismissal of officials and a ban on the use of the country as a dumping ground for Nigeria-bound smuggled goods.”