Bobrisky Vows to Detain Attacker Despite Unconstitutionality

In Entertainment 2019-10-22 12:57:53
Bobrisky Vows to Detain Attacker Despite Unconstitutionality
Bobrisky Vows to Detain Attacker Despite Unconstitutionality

By Olamide Fadoju


Bobrisky has promised to keep the man that damaged his car and phone in detention for two days.


The crossdresser was seen in an altercation with an unidentified man in a video that filtered online on Monday.


The video showed Bobrisky in a war of words with a man believed to have hit his car from behind. The situation escalated which led to the man smashing Bobrisky’s phone.


The man later apologized in a video released later on Monday night claiming it was a misunderstanding but Bobrisky maintains that in spite of his apology “he will spend two good days in the cell."


Bobrisky in an Instagram post on his page lamented the state of his damaged phone and gave an account of his ordeal.


According to him what happened wasn’t just a misunderstanding but an intentional act to fight him.


“It wasn’t a little misunderstanding. If truly it was a misunderstanding, I should have let you go in peace but trouble sat on its own you went to pull it and I’m happy I gave it to you hard.


“Next time, when you meet people you don’t know you will calm down and know who they are.


“At about 5.17 pm I was driving to a meeting when this man bashed my car from behind. Mistakes happen but what got me so mad was this ugly man said ‘what can I do to him?’ after hitting my car.


“I was trying to record his stupidity when he was saying what can I do. The next thing I saw was he hit my iPhone 11max too. I got so mad, I ran into his car to collect his phone and his car key only for him to run after me to collect his phone and car key from me.


“Your apology might be accepted but you must sleepover in that cell. Then tomorrow you will get me a new iPhone 11 Max and fix my car,” the post read.


If Bobrisky goes ahead with his pledge, he might be in violation of the Nigerian constitution which makes it illegal to detain an individual for more than one day without charge.


Section 35 (5)(a) and (b) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) are explicit says detention should be for a period of one day “in the case of an arrest or detention in any place where there is a court of competent jurisdiction within a radius of 40km”; and “in any other case, a period of two days”. Detention can only be for a longer period if a court so decides.