Ban On Okada & Tricycles In Lagos

In Morning Crossfire 2020-01-28 10:31:16
Ban On Okada & Tricycles In Lagos
Ban On Okada & Tricycles In Lagos

By Jude Chukwuemeka


Guest: Gbenga Omotosho - Commissioner of Information, Lagos State


The Lagos State government has decided to ban okadas and tricycles because there have been over 10,000 accidents recorded at General Hospitals alone between 2016 and 2019.



Gbenga Omotosho says the reason why the ban on okada and tricycles comes at this time is that the situation is grave but the state knows that it has to protect the citizens from untimely deaths, robbers getting away with motorcycles, and solving the issue of traffic. However, he says the ban is still not going to affect the dispatch riders.


Sheriff wants to know if there are palliatives to help the people of Lagos cope with the situation. Omotosho answeres that there many palliatives and these will be seen soon.


"Oh yes! They will come in a matter of days. For example, very early in February, about six boats will be commissioned. These will ply different routes. Apart from that, we have hundreds of buses at the ports. They are being cleared and will soon join the mass transit system. There are also plans for cars to be included. The idea of greater Lagos doesn't have okada and Maruwa in it at all.


"Before okada came people were moving every day. Now there are complaints of purses been snatched, people being killed, okada scratching cars of rich people, etc. But this ban is not on all roads. Signs have been put up in several places to notify riders where they should not go."


A respondent on Nigeria Info FM Twitter page wants to know if there's a law backing the ban. Omotosho says the 2018 law backs the new rule and he adds that right now, people don't obey this law. "Even the people who make use of helmets still disregard the law in some ways," he concludes.


About loss of jobs in Lagos, Omotosho says there are many provisions in the state to alleviate poverty and unemployment. "There are so many decent employment opportunities in Lagos, there is Lagos State Employment Trust Fund. My own tailor got N5 million from it. There is the Ministry of Poverty Alleviation that gives money and trains people in various trades, giving them money to set business up. Even those selling small things have support from Civic Engagement organizations."


But with the conversation going, it is apparent that many people in Lagos are still against the ban of okada and maruwa transport means in Lagos State.


For a list of Lagos roads where ban of okada and maruwa means of transportation will soon be effective, please click here.