Academy Awards: Filmmakers React To Lionheart's Disqualification

In Entertainment 2019-11-05 18:46:29
Academy Awards: Filmmakers React To Lionheart's Disqualification
Academy Awards: Filmmakers React To Lionheart's Disqualification

By Dipo Omoware


Reactions are still coming following the disqualification of Genevieve’s Lionheart by The Academy for Motion Picture Arts and Science for the 92nd Academy Awards.


Nigeria Info had earlier reported that the movie which is Genevieve’s directorial debut was dropped because it violated the Academy’s rule that entries in the category must have “a predominantly non-English dialogue track.”


Nigerian Film Director, Lancelot Imasuen, blamed the Nigeria Oscar Selection Committee (NOSC) for the disqualification of Lionheart.


The award-winning director said the committee failed to consider a well-laid criterion for the selection of movies by the international awards is clear.


Imasuen criticised the committee for the lack of transparency in its selection process.


On her part, movie producer, Blessing Egbe, described the disqualification of Lionheart as "unfortunate". She concluded that the film should never have been put forward in the first place.


Actor Emeka Ike appealed to the committee to pay more attention to the criteria for selecting films that will be represent the country in future nominations. He, however, applauded the fact that Lionheart passed other technical requirements except for language.


Lionheart tells a story of a woman who tries to keep her father’s struggling company afloat in a male-dominated environment.


Its disqualification leaves 92 films contesting for the Best International Feature Film category.


The Academy Awards popularly known as the Oscars is arguably the biggest awards in the film industry worldwide. The 92nd edition of the award will hold on February 9, 2020.


Additional report by Ijeoma Esek.