60 Women Speak on How Nigeria can Make Life Better for Them

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60 Women Speak on How Nigeria can Make Life Better for Them
60 Women Speak on How Nigeria can Make Life Better for Them

By Jude Chukwuemeka


What are the issues that hold women back in different aspects of life? It is clear that women have not been given the recognition they deserve in the community where they live and this is an issue everywhere in the world.


To mark the International Womens’ Day, Sandra Ezekwesili, while hosting The Glass Ceiling, presents 60 female voices from around the world – United States of America, United Kingdom, Benin Republic, Kenya, and several states in Nigeria.


Listen to the voices of doctors, marketers, statisticians, nurses, journalists, radio show hosts, lawyers, caregivers, Insurance experts, entrepreneurs, students; women from different cultures, women of different ages, diverse educational backgrounds, skills, careers on #TheGlassCeiling.


Sandra previously asked these women a question: What would you change about Nigeria to make life better for women?


A brief summary of what the women said are listed below:


All these women want a better life for women in Nigeria. It is important for people everywhere to recognize that women are doing great things and they should be given more opportunities in political leadership, business, and other areas of life. Some would love women to be given more power in giving value to humanity using technology.


However, it goes even beyond that. Women must love themselves, have high esteem of themselves, never thinking that they are incomplete without a partner.


Yet, they must endeavor to grow and succeed in the community where they live. Education of the girl-child is very important and the gender norms against women must be abolished. Issues of violence against women and the trafficking of girls must be discouraged. Women must have means of livelihood and be able to pursue their dreams or goals without any hindrance.


Some of the women want the stigma imposed on women by healthcare workers to be removed. There must be efforts to ensure that less women die from childbirth labor. Forceful marriages or re-marriages should be abolished in Nigeria. Every woman deserves good toilets everywhere they go. They should have access to sanitary pads; have access to education on the same level with their male counterparts... and more.


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International Women's Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. It is a focal point in the movement for women's rights.