2020 Budget: Bill Will Touch Lives- Commissioner

In News 2019-12-31 16:42:53
2020 Budget: Bill Will Touch Lives- Commissioner
2020 Budget: Bill Will Touch Lives- Commissioner

By Samuel Victor Akpan


Lagos State Commissioner for Information Gbenga Omotoso says the 2020 Appropriation Bill for Lagos State will “touch the areas that matter greatly” to Lagosians. He also says the budget will bring forth good times for its residents.


Omotosho revealed this while speaking to Correspondent Aghogho Oboh shortly after the budget was signed into law by Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Tuesday.


He said: “The budget is going to touch lives, it’s going to touch the areas that matter greatly to Lagosians in terms of infrastructure.”


“Infrastructure has the biggest slice of the cake, then followed by education and health, and these are critical areas that are very important to the well-being of all Lagosians. So I believe that it’s going to be a good time for Lagosians, talking about the budget.”


With Governor Sanwo-Olu promising that the budget will focus on all sectors especially health, education, technology and road infrastructure, Omotosho assured that as regards the latter, efforts will be intensified as road works will continue with “high velocity” in the state in the New Year.


“As I speak to you, so many contractors are working on various sites in the state”, said Omotosho, “They are working after the government moved them to the site just as the rains were packing up and now that everywhere is dry, it’s like the whole of Lagos is like a huge construction site.”


“So in areas where you don’t have contractors working on roads now, I implore Lagosians just to be patient, they will get there but there are so many now that are all over the place.” 


“The Public Works Corporation that is also as big as many of these contractors is also working day and night to see that the roads are smooth. So the road construction, road repairs, road works will continue in Lagos with high velocity this year.”


The Commissioner further revealed that waste management and sanitation in the state would be better addressed following the Governor’s declaration of a state of emergency in the state after his inauguration back in May.


. Sanwo-Olu Assents to 2020 Appropriation Bill


“As I speak with you now, the Governor is having a meeting with the Ministry of Environment, with LAWMA, with LASPARK, and all of the people are concerned with environment.”


“And if you look at the budget itself, environment has a pride of place in it, and that shows that the Government is concerned about the environment.”


“And if you look at his themes agenda, the six pillars upon which his development plans rests, you will know that environment is mentioned there and because of the importance of environment and he is going to do a lot in environment this year, that is why as early as this time now, he is having a meeting with those people”, said the Commissioner.


Governor Sanwo-Olu had on Tuesday signed the 2020 Appropriation Bill of N1.168 trillion into law.