2019 in Retrospect: Traffic Management in Lagos

In Morning Crossfire 2019-12-27 12:35:08
2019 in Retrospect: Traffic Management in Lagos
2019 in Retrospect: Traffic Management in Lagos

By Jude Chukwuemeka


To start Morning Crossfire today, Sheriff Quadry asks: Did traffic management in Lagos improve in 2019?



Wemimo Adewuni also comments that Lagos is a commercial and financial capital not just of Nigeria, but it is highly rated in Africa. The coastal city has a population of over 21 million persons. However, the state is plagued traffic management woes. No good rail or sea mass transit systems can be found.  Most people move by road but that is glut with vehicles. Research says per kilometer, one finds about 740 vehicles moving in Lagos.


To deal with traffic gridlock, different political administrations have done different things at different times to solve the issue. In 2019, the story goes on. Morning Crossfire takes a look at what Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has done in 2019 about solving the traffic gridlock problems in Lagos. Here are two of the highlights of Sanwo-Olu’s efforts:


New traffic offence penalties in Lagos

The economic agenda settings in Lagos


He also promised better productivity for the people, modern infrastructure, improved living conditions, lower costs, etc.


Morning Crossfire highlights Sanwo-Olu’s promise to tackle Lagos traffic and solve the problem in the first 100 days he spends in office. That would involve clearing the Apapa gridlock which had been in existence for some time. He identified the most troublesome traffic roads and said he would clear the low-hanging traffic sources in 60 days. These promises were made to woo Lagosians so they could vote for him.


“It’s a nightmare and we will not see that again,” he told Lagosians. The governor’s promise is re-played on the program.


Check out the show on Sanwo-Olu's 100 Days in office


Commenting on Nigeria Info FM Youtube page, PRINCE KOS‚Äč wrote the following: The promises they (governments) make during campaign are mere cosmetic promises. They have nothing to offer Lagosian. So sad.


Other phone-in responders also voiced disappointments at what is going on in Lagos. One says that the situation at Apapa right now is ‘hell’. However, he comments that the governor wants what is good but the people around him are hindering his good works. Next, he said motorcycles (okada) parks are being created every day in places such Surulere and these things that are creating gridlocks in Lagos.


Sheriff also mentions that tricycles at every junction and every street are also adding to the traffic issues that we have in Lagos.


Can you mention some other reasons for incessant Lagos traffic?