Obasanjo Inaugurates Coalition for Nigeria Movement

Obasanjo Inaugurates Coalition for Nigeria Movement

The former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, has inaugurated a new political group, Coalition for Nigeria Movement, in Abeokuta, Ogun state. The group was unveiled yesterday in Abuja, at the Musa Yar’ adua centre. While speaking at the launch, former Governor of Osun State , Olagunsoye Oyinlola said that he is not tied down to a political party and stressed that the organization is just a “movement.”

He further explained that there are two different things between a party and movement. Coalition for Nigeria Movement is not a political party but a movement and there is need to run fast and ensure that the movement is carried into the nooks and crannies of the country.

“The aims and objectives of the coalition, it makes it mandatory for us to hit the ground running. Time is not on our side and if we are going to effect the aims of the coalition them we must run fast. ”

Oyinlola stated that the old ones in the coalition would be like the guardian angel while the young ones would be in the driver seat and steer the ship of the country.

“What we are trying to do is like a guardian angel, it is you that must decide who is to do what and at what level. That is why we are having this meeting today and putting it back to you.”

The former Governor of Cross River State, Donald Duke in his own remark, said that we don’t have a political party in the country but platforms making people crisscross from one platform to the other seeking for office.

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February 1st, 2018

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