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Lagos: The Mega City Of Refuse

Lagos: The Mega City Of Refuse

Lagos state government launched the Cleaner Lagos initiative over 4 months ago, which promised a cleaner Lagos as the project implies but poorly disposed waste still litters the major roads and markets in the  Metropolis.

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode announced a public-private partnership with an environmental utility group, Visionscape Sanitation Solutions to build sanitary landfill depots in Mushin, Lagos Island, and Ogudu under the Cleaner Lagos initiative supervised by the Lagos State Waste Management Initiative.

Lagos has been termed as the largest waste-generating state in the country, and over 15,000 metric tonnes of waste is believed to be generated daily. But it has been struggling with the effective disposal of this large tonnes of waste. This is exemplified by the heaps of waste overflowing unto the major roads which obstruct vehicular traffic, overflowing public bins and disposal of waste into drainages among others.

Speaking to Nigeria Info 99.3, a resident of Etim Inyang Cresent, Victoria Island said, “The rise in refuse heaps across the state is caused by the failure of the waste disposal service providers to do their job”.

Public health experts have expressed concerns over the condition of Lagos environment that is presently in squalor. If the menace of poor refuse disposal is not curtailed, it could lead to disease outbreaks of epidemic proportion.

Dr Juliet Offiah, Resident doctor of AIM Group Clinic explained a number of sicknesses can be caused by poor disposal of refuse. Therefore people should adopt a hand washing culture to prevent infections such as diarrhea, dysentery and cholera.

Meanwhile the poor disposal of waste also poses security risks to residents and businesses in the state. Silas Chukwu, a security personnel lamented the increase scavengers across business districts, “Sometimes people just come around to pick things from the waste bin. My boss complains all the time because you don’t even know the identity of these scavengers.”

The stench of decomposing refuse can be readily perceived in any part of the city which also contributes to air pollution despite the publicized actions of the ‘Clean Lagos Initiative’.

The importance of a clean environment cannot be over-emphasized; drastic steps must be taken to ensure a clean and hygienic environment. All hands must be on deck, including the government and private individuals to salvage this situation.

Lagosians are also advised to improve their personal hygiene by washing of their hands with soap and water often and thoroughly after using the rest room.

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January 24th, 2018

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