Kelechi’s Nigerian Corner – Notting Hill Carnival Performance. A Critique

Kelechi’s Nigerian Corner – Notting Hill Carnival Performance. A Critique

As one of the journalists from Nigeria who was in London to cover the Nigerian Corner at the Notting Hill Carnival, there was only one performance that stood out for me and that was the performance of Dr Kelechi Anyikude; yes he is a doctor, in fact a PhD holder. Wow.

Kelechi was literally everyone’s favorite on the day. He was very entertaining and fun. He sang songs from Niniola and Falz to a song about diversity. The crowd was amazed. Clapping, laughter, and cheers came from both the guests and the audience. Kelechi wore an arsenal top, a Nigerian flag and a traditional Yoruba hat (we know Kelechi doesn’t joke with his African dressing and dressing) and totally owned the stage.

Kelechi was all smiles and really got into what he was singing. Different sounds were created by the clapping of hands and noises were made by the cheering and Kelechi’s constant use of the word, Cheeeee. Kelechi would freely walk around the stage, encouraging the crowd to get involved by clapping their hands and singing along. The entertainment created by Kelechi was amazing and showed great talent. I would even pay to see Kelechi perform again and hope that someday I will be able to.


Kelechi’s performance was a wonderful experience but he needs to work on his pitch and tone a bit more to if he really wants to make it in the arts, culture and entertainment industry as I feel that they are still quite raw. Because of my increased knowledge from being an On Air Personality and music critic, I feel like I had a better appreciation for the music and what the Kelechi was doing. It is not easy to do what he is doing, but the way it he performed at the carnival shows that he has been working very hard and long to do what is obvious that he loves to do, and the audience loved it too.

Bolarinwa Olajide (On-air personality, Cool FM, Wazobia FM, Nigeria Info)
Published – 28th August, 2018

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August 28th, 2018

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