Nigerian Oxygen: Telling Untold Stories Of The Nigerian Dream

Nigerian Oxygen: Telling Untold Stories Of The Nigerian Dream

I have a dream! These are the words of civil right activist, Martin Luther King and they remind us of how powerful, dreams are, especially to the citizens of a nation.

The Nigerian Dream is not just a façade. It is simply the aspiration of the average individual which highlights the unifying needs of the people for food, housing, security, equal access to quality health care and affordable education, equal opportunities within a system that is fair to all and sundry.

In our request for the Nigerian Dream, many people move to the city that never sleeps, Lagos filled hopes for a better future. No doubt the allure of the Lagos life is quite enchanting, as the influx of people into the city keeps rising exponentially yet the standard of living continues to shrink.

The Nigerian Oxygen is a series by Nigeria Info 99.3 FM which turns the spotlight on the untold stories of Nigerians who move to Lagos in their pursuit of greener pastures but get choked up in the crowd. As these individuals share their stories, it outlines the challenges people face in a bid to make ends meet while still keeping the Nigerian Dream alive in their hearts.

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November 4th, 2017

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